I’m presently residing in a tiny community on the Arroyo Colorado in Texas. We ended up here because both daughters have two dogs. God had His hand in the move too. The nicest, most interesting and diverse people live here. All of whom within a very short period of time, I have come to think of as family. My husband/ best friend was the reason for the existence of this blog. He encourages me, affords me the opportunity to be still and pray and is a reinforcement for me to stay on the right path when life’s distractions pull in too many directions. Our “Arroyo City” is full of amazing, heroic individuals who without a second thought help others and are concerned for the welfare of the citizens. The list would be too long if I were to name individuals, so let it suffice to say the volunteers for the concerned citizens and the fire department’s helpful and supportive auxiliary as well as the fire department firefighters are on the list. The sweet, behind the scenes, people who donate money to our fire department and other needy organizations here and who we could never thank enough are top of the list to me!¬† Who wouldn’t love to live in a community like this? I find myself inspired by everything around me. I have been making daily notes about my thoughts for a long time now and recently¬†shared them with Mark, my husband, who said I should share them with you. So here they are. I would like to inspire others to trust in God and let Him be your Guide, Help and The Way to true happiness.

My daughters’ dogs are family and shouldn’t be left behind for vacations. We have a large enough fenced yard for them to roam and play in when they visit. They live in Austin and Boston! Unlike most vacation spots this is a dog friendly home, which is why we are here now.