Adventure Awaits in Revelation!


John tells us that his letter to the churches is written by God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Son of God and that in the book of Revelation God wants to impart to us His grace and His peace. As Christians we know there is nothing on earth better than God’s promises and gifts.

I was on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico, the seas were very choppy. We anchored off shore and took tenders onto the mainland, my excursion plan was to visit the Tulum ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization, in Cancun. I mentioned before that I have severe allergies to bug bites so I cover up to the max wherever we go. On this particular trip I’m certain I was the only person in a long sleeved buttoned up top, with long pants, a hat and almost everything on me completely covered – just a single spot on my neck was available for the nasty sting. The moment it happened I knew I was in trouble. I was on my honeymoon. Although I knew I had had reactions to stings before they were never life threatening. They were inconvenient, annoying and hurt a lot but that was the extent of the damage. This time however was different and God allowed me to know I was in trouble. I went immediately to the first pharmacy which was a stone’s throw from where I was stung and they were out of EpiPens. The only other pharmacy also failed to carry them. There were gift shops and restaurants but no clinics. The bus had taken us far from the center where help would have been more readily available and we were stuck there, still waiting for the others to return. My husband had no idea that this was so serious. I only knew because God placed the full knowledge of the predicament into my understanding, as though I had been through this a dozen times before. As symptoms progressed and each stage developed I knew without the  help of proper medication I would die. I tried to tell the driver, but he didn’t understand English and kept thinking he would have time to get me back to the ship. The reaction just kept progressing, all the while I knew what to expect as my throat swelled, my lips grew ten times the normal size, then my eyes swelled shut, my panic was horrendous. I was scared my death would be blamed on my new husband. I was afraid my family would always suspect him, away on my honeymoon, dead, him with no finances and me secure. Just writing this sounds terrible. It looked bad. The bus driver waited while his friend told me to drink milk that it was a local cure for this bug bite. Between heaving sobs, mostly for the mess I would leave Mark in. The mess he would now have to contend with moving my body from a foreign land and my daughters responses, and leaving them without their Mom. I was devastated. I downed a half gallon of milk and then I went into full anaphylactic shock and died.  Everything was calm, it radiated perfect peace, then I saw His face! It was so bright and close to mine I couldn’t make out a single feature but I knew it was Jesus, and then he breathed His peace and life back into me. From that moment on I was fine. I knew He would take care of everything. I told Mark I saw God’s face and I smiled. It was probably a scary looking smile,  but I was filled with joy and peace that only comes from God.  God’s peace trumps everything else. They put me in a red car and whisked me off to a clinic. I convulsed in the doctor’s office when he administered the intravenous adrenaline and nearly broke the needle in my arm. I ended up getting it in a softer part of my anatomy. The swelling slowly began to go down. The cruise line had held a ferry boat for us and the ship was waiting and when I walked on the ferry I was applauded. They were probably sick of waiting and wanted to finally get back on board the ship and I can’t say I blame them. Although I secretly hoped that some of them had prayed for me,  were aware of the gift I had received from God,  so they could praise Him for His goodness.  I will never forget all that God did for me that day – from understanding the severity of the bite to seeing me through the entire experience right up to breathing His peace and life back into me. We are not alone and through the trials that are coming, we won’t be alone. God will never abandon us. God the Father sent His Son to save us and Jesus died for our sins and left the Holy Spirit so we will always have our God with us! In the book of Revelation He begins with that very reminder. In the trials that will come, we will be blessed.  God reveals Himself in the Trinity – beginning with God the Father – who is: who always was: and is still to come”, then the Holy Spirit is described “from the Sevenfold Spirit before His throne,” and Christ Jesus “He is the faithful witness the first to rise from the dead, and the ruler of all the kings of the world”. Revelation 1:4-5  We have the most amazing God. He has conquered death! Our adventure is truly just beginning.


7 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits in Revelation!

  1. It’s an amazing and incredible testimony. One that I am glad you shared. It’s Testimonies of God’s miracles that we need to share so that God’s power and loving kindness will be revealed. Just so you know when I read what you wrote, “he will never abandon us”, It gave me hope that he will never abandon me when times are hard.

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  2. “To the word and testimony.” Isaiah chap. 8. We are to share our testimonies of God’s work in our lives along with His word. This was a beautiful testimony of His care and faithfulness!

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