Serving it up Nicely!


It’s a challenge and an honor to serve in a volunteer fire department.  As treasurer my job is to see that the people here in Arroyo City are being served. We receive funds from good hard working people who deserve their money to be used prudently and with only one important consideration. To protect them and their property.

Everyone in the department has great ideas about what we need to do for the community. I can’t thank them enough. We truly have dedicated self sacrificing individuals. Sometimes I feel heavy handed in dealing with them. I admit to being tightfisted when it comes to spending my community’s money. So I read an article by my favorite writer here and the insight I gained is this: Following Jesus’ example in order to lead as a Christian I should be serving them all – my fellow firefighters as well as my town. Jesus is the best guide.

This is an excerpt from Beejai “THE RIVER WALK”   I have also had plenty of time since then to watch how others lead. I have noticed that the less secure someone is in who they are, the harder they try to assert whatever authority they think they have. Effective leaders rarely have to remind others who is in charge. Instead they are always looking for ways to serve, develop, and empower others. They don’t have to grasp for power. They don’t have to insist on titles. They simply serve, and people line up to follow them. The disciples were constantly bickering about who was the best or the greatest. Jesus knew He was the answer to this question. So He simply grabbed a towel and started washing. It wasn’t so much the physical act that we need to emulate, it was his ability to find a need and fill it. It was his heart that constantly sought to bring out the best in others that we need to learn. If we want to lead like Jesus, then we need to learn how to serve.”


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