God Is So Good!

Nile birds

When I am anxious and can’t sleep I go to the same place. I close my eyes and picture Jesus sitting by a river much like the river I live on here in Texas. The difference is the bank goes directly to the water, it’s grassy and soft and it’s a bug free environment. Anyone living in South Texas knows bug free we ain’t. Anyway He is sitting wearing a perfectly white jalabiyyah (seamless collarless gown) skipping rocks in the placid water. The sky is blue and peace abounds. He always invites me to sit next to Him and in this place He calms all my fears and quiets my soul. All I can think is God is so Good, He’s so good  to me.

I took this picture of the Nile in Egypt. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being murdered and attacked in their churches there!





Sometimes God feels distant. He isn’t, but that’s how it feels. He uses these times to help us focus more closely on Him, since the last thing we want is for God to leave us alone. Lent is filled with days like this. My solution. Read. Here is a partial list: Max Lucado – “God Is With You every day” (I found this copy in Hobby Lobby); “The Duck Commander Devotional” – The Duck Dynasty family (I got my copy on line); Sarah Young – “Jesus Calling Morning & Evening” (also Hobby Lobby); William Paul Young – “The Shack” (also a good movie). Interspersed with “The Bible”– I’m reading the book of Daniel and the Gospel of John.