The Wind

Think of the wind as the Holy Spirit. Go against the wind and it’s a struggle and an unholy battle. Go with the Holy Spirit and it’s a breeze. “Today, turn around if you’re life is against the Holy Spirit and start walking with the Wind at your back.” Jonathan Cahn

On the Road

We are listening to John MacArthur, reading Jonathan Cahn, listening to and reading the Bible! It’s the only way to travel.

I just read a fellow bloggers blog against political leaders and police. It saddened my heart. I’m praying for her and ask anyone who reads this to do the same. As Christians we need love one another, pray for each other. Leave the hate behind. Respecting authority is biblical! I thank God for all my brothers and sisters in Christ!!!


Each year the seasons repeat themselves – winter, spring, summer and fall. The nature of nature is to repeat. As creatures of habit we tend to repeat ourselves -old habits die hard. But as Christians we receive supernatural grace that is the opposite of repetition and through it we experience change. We walk in the will and the power of God who makes all things new.

I Am

We are reading Jonathan Cahn “The Book of Mysteries” on our road trip. Day 2 is about the name of God! He explains how we came from God -are created by God – how our existence flows from God. So we should live for God and from Him. I recommend reading this book. It’s inspired.



Pastor Bob’s sermon last Sunday was perfectly awe inspiring. We are all counting our blessings and remembering our own pile of stones. If you’re wondering what stone piles have to do with anything keep reading. In counting the piles of stones in my life, I begin with my Mother’s because that’s where my story begins. She blessed us with a faith that was alive – an intimate faith that directed her choices and ruled her life with a loving devotion to her Savior. Her memories and stories are mine now. Pastor Bob’s sermon was based on Psalm 143:5 and began with “I remember the days of old”, which is both remembering God’s blessings and sharing His stories with younger generations, also part of our purpose. Then he took us on a spiritual journey into our Biblical past, Joshua 4:3, which explains why we pile up stones.  God directed that 12 men, one from each Israelite tribe must take a stone from the center of the then dry Jordan river and place them into a pile where they set up camp. This was to remember the details of their past blessings and experiences with God and pass them down! Each time they saw the pile of stones it reminded them of God’s goodness and loving care. So don’t let a pile of trash in your life dominate your thoughts, actions or feelings. Remember the pile of stones that show you the way, that teach you about God’s loving generous patience and faithfulness. Remember the intimate moments that need to be shared with fellow Christians and family.